The Ballad Of Josie

Jerk Off Blues

Woke up one morning with black clouds in my head. (repeat)
Up came the worst day I ever had.

 Empty bottle on my table, other two beneath my bed. (repeat)
I got a mouthful of vomit, oh how I wished I was dead.

 My baby quit me, never told the reason why. (repeat)
So I got me an old 44, 'cause I was fixing to die.

Drove my Chevy to Memphis to meet the old bastard there. (repeat)
I got a bottle full of bourbon and a grief that's hard to bear.

Found this jerk-off with some bitch in bed. (repeat)
I threw that gun and shot her in the head.

Police got me and put me in jail. (repeat)
They'll get me 99 or send me to hell.