Eenie Meenie Fee Fo Fum

Eenie meenie miney mo, Chippy, you are tricky,
so you brought me down to Mexico.
Your questions were sticky, so eenie meenie miney mo.
I’m in love with Chippy Dove, Chippy Dove I love you so. 

Fee fi foe and fee fo fum, Iggy boy you are the one
who makes a dead girl cum. Your life is lost my game is won,
you better were on the run. Fee fi foe and fee fo fum,
Ig’ you’re dead and gone:

Jaguar Paw won’t allow you to go. In Teotihuacán you know
there’ll be a quid pro quo. You’ll be killed, it hurts me so.
Eenie meenie miney mo. On the stake you’re goin’ to die
in reply of an ancient crime.

Fee fo fum and fee fi foe, Chippy don’t you moan.
it might be unpleasant, though. You made me happy on and on,
fee fo fum and fee fi foe love can break a heart of stone
this I know.