Gollys CD-Produktionen im 'Knopfstudio' seit 1988


2005 09.04.

The Ballad of Josie

Stil: Cool Breeze - Nu Jazz

Interpret: Breeze The Creaze & His Flashy Flunkies (Henning Frank, Golly, Jule Weidinger) komponiert, getextet und arrangiert von Golly, aufgenommen und abgemischt 2005, CD, (Best.-Nr. knopf05025).      

01. Necropolitan Music # 0 (Ouverture)
02. Jerk Off Blues
03. She Shot My Lover Down
04. Black As A Raven
05. Necropolitan Music # 1(Waltz) 
06. Poor Little Josephine
07. Bastards
08. Ooh Baby Ooh
09. Necropolitan Music # 2 Ttango)
10. Funeral
11. The Scales Fell From My Eyes
12. Josie From Beyond
13. Necropolitan Music # 3 (Rumba)
14. Bad News
15. Bess Is In The Jailhouse
16. Revenge
17. So What?
18. Necropolitan Music # 4 (Tarantella)

Jerk Off Blues – bitte anklicken

Woke up one morning
with black clouds in my head. (repeat)
Up came the worst day
I ever had.

 Empty bottle on my table
other two beneath my bed. (repeat)
I got a mouthful of vomit,
oh how I wished I was dead.

 My baby quit me,
never told the reason why. (repeat)
So I got me an old 44,
'cause I was fixing to die.

Drove my Chevy to Memphis
to meet the old bastard there. (repeat)
I got a bottle full of bourbon
and a grief that's hard to bear.

Found this jerk-off
with some bitch in bed. (repeat)
I threw that gun
and shot her in the head.

Police got me
and put me in jail. (repeat)
They'll get me 99
or send me to hell.