Gollys CD-Produktionen im 'Knopfstudio' seit 1988


2004 01.01.


Stil: Cool Breeze

Interpret: Breeze The Creaze & His Flashy Flunkies (Henning Frank, Golly, Jule Weidinger)
aufgenommen und abgemischt 2004,
CD, (Best.-Nr. knopf04023).        

Die 23. Produktion des Knopfstudios - beinhaltet 23 Coverversionen, alles Lieblingssongs von Golly aus den letzten 32 Jahren! Mitwirkende sind Henning Frank (Schlagzeug, Backing Vocals), Julia Weidinger (Bass, Backin Vocals) Golly (akustische und elektrische Gitarren, Viola, Harp, Akkordeon, Sopran- und Alt-Saxophon, Vocals, Backing Vocals) Gaststar auf "Short Blues": Franziska Helene Henkel (Perkussives unrhythmisches Bellen). 

01. Short Blues
02. Hold On
03. Ruby's Arms
04. Pig Meat
05. Willing
06. Rider In The Rain
07. Oh Sister
08. Louise
09. Big Rick Candy Mountain
10. Marie
11. Crippled Inside
12. Time
13. Mary Open The Door
14. Good Morning Mr Railroad Man
15. Last Night
16. Cold Water
17. Working Class Hero
18. They're Coming To Take Me Away
19. Yer Blues
20. Feels Like Home
21. Honey Don't You Change
22. The Weight
23. Yes It's Me And I'm Drinking Again 

They're Coming To Take Me Away – bitte anklicken

A horde of old brown leaves comes dancing up the yard, 
the autumn wind is throwing them apart.  
An old tin cup will slowly fill with rain  
until the winter storm will sweep the plain.  

The light is fading, nothing stays the same  
and memory seems the one thing to remain. 
But memory's just a canvas on the shore: 
it sails away and can be seen no more. 

Before the night falls I will bid farewell.  
Where I'll be brought to I would never tell. 
I cord my knapsack in the dusky gray  
for soon they're coming to take me away.